Zone 5 Vegetable Garden

It is January. The nicest part about winter are the colorful seed catalogs that arrive in the mail. They are a glimmer of things to come. As of this writing, my order is already somewhere at W. Atlee Burpee & Co. being processed.

On our three acre property, I have a large vegetable garden, a small potting shed garden and a patio herb garden.

The vegetables I've had the most success with are: corn, tomatoes, green beans, peppers, cabbage, peas, radishes, loose leaf lettuce, zucchini, yellow squash, carrots, cucumbers, onions and peas.

Vegetables that, for one reason or another, struggled to produce are: sweet potatoes, broccoli, eggplant, melon and lima beans. Moles nibbled at the sweet potatoes (every last one!). Broccoli had little green worms. Eggplant and melons were small, albeit tasty. Lima beans produced very little bean for the amount of work.

For a couple of years, I used to have trouble with my corn. For some unknown reason, I had to replant because either nothing came up, or germinaion was spotty. An experienced gardener told me her strategy. Now, instead of one seed, I plant two at a time. I don't know why, but this seems to do the trick.

My two favorite sweet corn varieties are Silver Queen (white) and Sun & Stars (bicolor). This past sumer, I did a top dressing of chicken manure in the potting shed garden. The Silver Queen went in here and took off like gang busters. The planting was prolific and with high sugar content.

Other recommended Burpee favorites: Big Boy Tomatoes, Sugar Snack Hybrid Cherry Tomatoes, Salad Bowl Looseleaf (cutting) Lettuce, and Hybrid Zucchini. They never disappoint!
P.S., that's Noll checking out the potting shed garden.

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