Oriental Lily

Tucked into my perennial bed are a few Oriental lilies. For rose-like fragrance and that 'wow-factor', Orientals can't be beat. I also have a couple Asiatic lilies (these are not fragrant). Asiatics are pretty in their own right - speckled like bird eggs - though not quite as showy.

Unlike day lilies, Orientals, are true lilies (genus lilium). Orientals are grown from bulbs. The bulbs do not have to be dug up in the fall like gladioli. I planted the lilies 3 years ago in full sun and well-drained soil. Orientals prefer slightly acid soil which I do not have. However, mine don't seem to mind. The plant grows on strong stems and range from 3 to 6 feet. Most of the blooms are eye level. Needless to say during mid to late summer, I can't pass by my Orientals without bending my head and taking in a long whiff of sweetness.

Zone 5 performance: Great, requiring occasional watering

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