Shasta Daisies

As a child, I loved picking the wild daisies that grew in the field behind our house.

Back then, daisies made wonderful chains, fit neatly behind the ear, and amused little girls with "He loves me, He loves me not."

My childhood reverence for the simple daisy is why it has a prominent place in my perennial beds. As a gardener, I also appreciate how easy they are to grow.

My Shasta daisies have multiplied over the years. Good in both full and partial shade, they bloom for months. They are proficient reseeders. If left unchecked, however, they can become invasive.

Understated, but cheery, with their bright yellow hearts, the white daisy pops against the green landscape. Funny though, I no longer have the urge to pick them. I like them better in the garden.

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