Achillea - Yarrows

Back in 1995, I arrived at a friend's house just as she was ripping out the white yarrow that grew along her foundation. Never one to see a plant be tossed, I gladly accepted a brown bag full of this aromatic yarrow.

Fourteen years later, I think I've finally gotten it under control!

Like Achilles the Trojan war hero it is named after, yarrow marched on like a soldier: conquering and occupying almost every corner of the perennial bed. Prodigiously spreading underground through the rhizomatoms, it dawned on me one summer that my beds were becoming overwhelminly filled with green, fern-like leaves.
While I was wrestling to get the white yarrow under control, I wondered if my yellow and wine varieties would follow suit. Thankfully, both yellow and wine do not invade. All three varieties tolerate dry soil and drought and grow in full sun.
Today, I still have a couple of the white yarrow. These I manage vigorously. The yellow and wine, I simply enjoy.

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