For some reason, I am getting a slow start this year.  It's not that the weather has been soggy....it's more like I am stuck in anticipation mode and cannot shift into action.

The yellow, purple and white onion sets are chilling downstairs.

The peas and leaf lettuce seeds are still in the metal seed box.  All three should have been in the dirt weeks ago....

At least the kitchen seed starts, facing the warm southern exposure, are growing:  Big Boy tomato, red, green and orange bell peppers, cabbage, portulaca, watermelon and two kinds of cherry tomato.

This Spring has been wonderful - the trees heavy with bloom and the flowers more vibrant than in year's past, especially the redbuds.  Maybe it's because of our prolonged, snowy and cold winter.  February broke the 1910 record for snow - 29.8 inches.  The long winter fed my anticipation and now, seemingly it was too well fed because I am ladened and immobilized.

The show, however, goes on outside even if I am still waiting in the wing.

Orange and purple viola

Perennial primrose

Tulips planted in the Fall, 2009


Kaga plum blossoms

Creeping phlox in the rock garden