Sedum and Solidago

Sun loving Sedum and Solidago provide a one – two punch of color at the beginning of fall. In my perennial garden, placed on opposite sides of a fence, their contrasting colors bring a soft pink and a vibrant yellow to the waning flower bed.

Sedum, a succulent, is drought tolerant and deer resistant. The only drawback to this tall plant (it grows to 15”) is the strong westward winds can knock it down. Conversely, the companion Solidago grows on tall, sturdy stems. Tall (36") Solidago sends a yellow canopy cascading over the top of the fence. Color-wise, Solidago rivals the wild goldenrod that grows in Ohio fields. Solidago is one of those ‘happy accidents.’ I bought it to attract beneficial insects. I got a standout beauty in the bargain. I got even luckier when I put these two perennials side by side.

Rating: Easy to grow, requiring minimal care. Great plants for Zone 5

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