Winter's Damage

Yesterday, April 23, while strolling around with Noll, I took stock of this winter's damage.
Zone 5 had an atypical winter - colder and longer with extended freezing. There's signs of animal and salt damage and dessication on some of the established landscape.
The old apple tree has peeling bark and a patch that looks shredded - as if something with claws or a beak has been working away at the soft wood. It's a main branch, so I'm concerned about the integrity of the tree's health. Don't want anything to happen to the old gal. She's glorious in spring and breathtaking in winter (see blog title photo).
One large limb of the Noll's favorit tree - the purple plum - is dead.
I'll leave it for the flickers and woodpeckers to peck at.
Salt and wind damage to the evergreens bordering the front entrance. Noll's piddling is an added assault. The nearby boxwoods are an ugly, dessicated, yellow-brown. They'll get a trim and some Miracle Gro.
The newer landscape was also impacted: Two of the three small cherry trees I planted last fall show struggling signs of life. They will need extra TLC if they are to make it.

The little plug of a buckeye tree I have been nursing for the past three years was munched down to a nub....again! My dream of having my own buckeye tree is fast fading. The three year old oak sapling - planted by a squirrel - was chewed a bit too. It should recover nicely though.

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