Springtime Reflections

Large Cup Daffodil

In early spring, there seems to be no end to last year's leaves, dried stems and twigs. The strong west wind, keeps blowing stuff in. This weekend was one endless loop to the compost piles.

However, progress has been made on the veggie front.

After edging and working peat moss into the soil, the cold crop patio vegetable garden was ready for planting. Peas, short & sweet carrots, green onions, and firecracker radishes are in. Last night there was a nice, soaking rain. Might have a trace of snow tonight, but things will be warming up again mid-week.

Meanwhile, the jewels of spring are all around. Here and there, the bulbs are up and shining and sending up a delicate fragrance. It's a lovely prelude to late April when the fruit trees will be in bloom.

Enjoy the show!

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