Grape Hyacinths

In the narrow space between the patio deck and the house, grape hyacinths grow. It is a moist and and shaded area. The soil is not as good here. It has more clay because of it's proximity to the foundation. The soil has never been amended nor has the bed been fertilized.

Despite these conditions, the grape hyacinth has thrived. And, it is a pretty flower.

Grape hyacinths are small, spiked flowers resembling a bunch of grapes. Early spring bloomers, their fragrance is delicate and most welcomed after a long winter. Bees, especially the bumble bee, love it.

When in bloom, Muscari armeniacam is a gorgeous, deep cobalt blue. Another positive characteristic of this bulb is that it spreads. The plantings in this narrow space have increased over the years, and, after 15 years, have taken on the appearance of a a blue carpet.

Hardy, no care. Grape hyacinths do well in Zone 5.

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