Starting Seeds Indoors

It is now 6 to 8 weeks out until planting time! In Zone 5, the frost free date is typically around Mother's Day. I usually wait a couple days after that date to plant just to be safe.

Today, I gathered four trays and plastic cells from the potting shed. I cleaned the trays/cells and filled them with seed starter soil. In these trays/cells, I planted yellow and green peppers, beefsteak, cherry and pear tomatoes, cabbage, basil and eggplant. In one premade tray of peat pots, I planted yellow marigolds. In another premade tray I did a combination of alyssum, orange coneflowers and purple cosmos. The marigold and coneflower seeds were collected last year from my garden.

I covered each of the trays with a clear plastic dome to keep the soil moist. Light and warmth is provided free of charge courtesy of the sun that comes through the south facing French doors in the kitchen. Seeds should start germinating in 7 to 10 days.

The cats were very curious about today's activity. I had a few noses and paws in the soil and cats on the table watching me work. It was an interesting and fun day for them too. They like to "garden" as much as I do ;)

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