My Petite Columbine

(Aquilegia vulgaris)
As a gardener, I tend to favor easy to grow and utilitarian plants. Hybrid roses are too fussy for me. Impatiens try my patience constantly demanding water. My laziness no doubt keeps me from growing as a gardener, but until I retire, my time is limited, so I eschew the needy.

Columbine is both easy and utilitarian. It is also hardy. It's also everywhere.

Columbine's large flower clusters bloom in the late spring, early summer and attract hummingbirds and bees. The bees volley between the rock and vegetable gardens where they pollinate the cucumbers.

A native plant, Columbine is insect and disease resistant. It can be directly seeded (I collect the seeds when the seed pods are dry) or the plant can be divided. I grow the purple, blue and pink varieties. Columbine also comes in red, white and yellow.

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