The Potting Shed's Garden History

The first year I dug out a garden for the potting shed, I filled it mostly with annuals: marigolds - yellow and orange - and zinnias - red and multi-colored. In the fall, I collected the marigold seeds and later used them in the vegetable garden. Marigolds are great companion plants for tomatoes and peppers. Their pungent smell keeps insects away.

Over the years, the potting shed garden has been a raspberry patch and a plot for sunflowers. Currently, it is a vegetable (corn, tomatoes) and dill garden.
A large compost bin is located to the right of the garden. Every spring, I enrich the soil with compost. Last year, I did a top dressing of chicken manure also because I had grown popcorn the previous year and was putting in a crop of sweet corn. In the main garden, I would rotate between beans and corn. But I like this location for the corn. It is protected on the north side and the west by a large apple tree. Out in the main garden, I can usually count on the corn being knocked down during one of our many Ohio thunderstorms. I might be committing a garden sin, but the potting shed garden will be seeing corn again this year.

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