Pansies & a Touch of Whimsy

This is one of the three pots I filled with pansies for my smaller deck. I like to sit out in the early morning on the weekends or after work during the week.

Placing a piece of whimsy here and there is sheer indulgence. I get pleasure from looking at my creations, deadheading the flowers, giving them a drink.

All within an arms reach of my chair where I can keep an eye on the cats - especially Noll - as they too enjoy the gardens and catnip standing within their reach.


  1. Hey Nolli I want one of those gnomes you have I luv it. Buy one for me and bring it up when you visit, xoxoxox

  2. I got it from Wally-World several years ago. Next time I'm there, I'll check around. P.S. I have a pot of fresh nip set aside for you ;)