A Field of My Own

A large portion of the perennial bed bordering the backyard fence
resembles a wild field. The effect is intentional.
The 'unkempt' appearance reminds me of the fields that grew
behind my childhood home near Lake Erie.

Ironically, it takes work to keep
the bed looking like a carefree field!
If left untended, the daisies and yarrow overtake everything else.


  1. You have sure got that one right! Brings back memories of the good old days. Oh to have those back again. Good job sis Big Sis! P.S. You are one of two blogs I have picked to pay-it-forward, Now would you be willing to do this?

  2. Mommy lived in Kansas before and loved the tall prarie grasses and the Kansas gayfeather wildflower. When she lived in Germany, her Opa always let the grass grow tall with wildflowers in it...then he would mow it by hand and make delish hay for the winter to feed the bunnies.
    Thank you for your kind visits...we are very lazy in the summer at the cozy cottage...
    Love Miss Peach