On the Naming of Gnomes

Winter is a time for reflection. 
Time to create gardens in the mind.

I have created a new garden, one of raised beds, a stone path, a half circle of roses and a place for a fire pit.  The space was readied in the fall.  Once the weather breaks, the installation of plants and design begins.  In the meantime, I plan.  Three 3' x 6' black raised beds have been ordered.  My seed cache inventoried.  In mid-March, I will start the tomato, pepper and cabbage seeds indoors.

The expansive vegetable garden I have had since 1995 was retired at the end of last year.  The tiller was sold.  Call it aging-in-place, downsizing or conserving human energy, the reality is, it was time for a change.  Spring of 2011, there will be a kitchen garden, the potting shed garden, some containers and a new raised bed garden.

And, there will be a gnome to watch over it.

My girlfriend gave me a gnome for my birthday.  I have always wanted one.  I decided mine needed a name. I wanted to make it unique so I Googled gnome names.  Apparently, I was not just being quirky.  As one site noted, without a proper "gname," a gnome will lead an unhappy life.  Meaning and purpose for a gnome, who would have thought? 

So, I poured over some name generators and found the "gname."  It was European and ancient enough for such a special creature.  Because his shanks are short, I believe his surname must be Shortshanks!  I decreed his duties and they are, as such, an extension of his given name.

So, may I introduce to you
"Turrick Shortshanks"
The Slug-Slayer and Herb Minder of Township Troy. 
 He has much work to do!

You may call him Turrick for short ;)


  1. What a gnifty gname fur a gnome! Mom dreams about making a garden too, but she just doesn't have the green thumb to go with it-- take our word on this one.

    jack & moo

  2. He's cute oh .. I mean his garden watcher cute.

  3. My gnome, who guards my front door, is named "Gnorm". :)

  4. Wow, his name is taller than he is.