Candytuft (Iberis sempervirens) is an evergreen perennial ground cover that grows well in poor soil as long as the soil is well-drained. Candytuft is a member of the mustard family.

One large, low growing mound is at the sunny front leading border of the narrow bed between the foundation and the deck. The candytuft is in the same bed as the grape hyacinths.

Hardy to Zone 5, candytuft is slow spreading and grows from 8 to 12" tall. In mid-spring, its small, bright white blooms open up and last for weeks.

In many ways, Candytuft reminds me Edelweiss. It is one of my favorite plants.


  1. Last night mommy looked out the window and thought she saw Hunny Bunny laying by the bench. SHe must have been asleep because she did not wake up when she opened the window and called her name....strange mommy thought.
    In the morning light she saw that the white patch was her candy tuft and not Hunny Bunny....she sure felt silly after that mistake!
    We love your garden photos and thank you for your visit....

  2. How sweet to mistake Hunny Bunny for a patch of pretty white flowers :)