"There's rosemary, that's for remembrance."

So wrote Shakespeare in Hamlet. For me, rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis), also embodies remembrance.

Although this perennial herb is used to flavor meats, poultry and potatoes, I rarely use mine for this purpose. I'm slightly more romantic and cerebral about rosemary.

Several years ago, I placed a small plant* in a pot and there it remains. As a potted plant, I take rosemary outside when the weather warms, inside when it cools. Rosemary's woody and evergreen-like needles are suited to the arid and sunny conditions of the wood deck. Unlike other potted plants that require daily watering during the summer months, rosemary is forgiving of a little neglect.
During these long winter months, there is nothing like the pungent, earthy-pine fragrance emitted from even the slightest brush of rosemary's leaves. The scent reminds me of times in the garden. It's a reminder of why I garden.

*Grows in zones 7 -10. In zone 5, it must be either dug up or grown in pots and brought inside.

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